Lane Boot Club at the Creek!

"Change your Boots, change your Life."

You, our wonderful Lane Boot customers, have shared with us everything from your weddings, to birthdays, to rodeos, to Christmases. So, we thought it was time to give you back something special.

We're extending an open invitation to customers old and new to join the Lane Boot Club at the Creek. With unique and graceful styling, quality and comfort, Lane Boots is one of the hottest brands in the country, for good reason. The folks at Lane say, "Change your Boots, change your Life." Our Club is here to make it even easier to change your boots to match your style, your mood, or your special day.  


Membership Benefits

Savings… After your initial Lane Boot purchase at the Creek, our Club members receive a 5% discount off of the list price of all subsequent Lane purchases. That's in addition to any current sale price, discount or promotion! 

Social Stuff… We invite you to share a Lane story with us, some little way that Lane Boots changed your life. Send us a photo of you in your favorite Lanes. Feel free to join us on Facebook to post your story or comments. Tell us about what you like to do in your boots, how they make you feel, even ideas for new styles! You never know…   Or just email or give us a call. We love hearing from you, any time.  (Subsequent purchase is not necessary to receive newsletters or for social networking!)

News… Watch for newsletters with updates about new styles, promotions or member stories. (Rest assured that we won't use your full identity in any public messages. If you don't wish us to share your comments, please let us know.)


Weddings and Special Occasions


If your plans for your special day include beautiful Lane Boots, you've come to the right place. As with all your arrangements, the farther ahead you can choose and order your boots, the better, as various styles and sizes may not be immediately available. This will help you make sure to get that very special pair in time. If you have any questions about styles, colors, sizing or availability, please don't hesitate to give Vicki a call at 970-712-0281, or email for a wedding boot consultation. 

If you enroll in our Lane Boot Club, we'll be happy to extend your Boot Club discount to the members of your wedding party and guests. Brides who contact us before ordering and notify us of their wedding group, with total planned purchases of three pairs or more, will receive our Club discount on all pairs including the initial purchase. Again, please contact Vicki for details on receiving this extra special Club discount for yourself, your friends, family and guests.


Becoming a Member

Existing Customers… If you have purchased Lane Boots from us at any time and have created a User Account, you are already a Member! You'll receive the above discount and gift benefits with your next Lane purchase.  

If you have purchased Lane Boots from us in the past without creating an account and would like to join the Boot Club, please go ahead and register a User Account. If you are making a subsequent Lane purchase, make a note on your order in the Comments field during checkout that you'd like to be a Boot Club Member. Or, send us an email or give us a call to tell us you have registered, and we'll complete your Lane Boot Club Membership.

New Customers… If you are a first-time Lane customer at the Creek, just register a User Account when you make your purchase, and we'll enroll you as a Club Member! 

Opting out… You may opt out of your membership or communications at any time by emailing or phoning us, but we hope you'll stay around!


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