Smith-Worthington Saddle Fitting and Ordering Information

All new Smith-Worthington saddles include tree adjustments for the first 6 months at no additional cost.

 It is our privilege to present to you the saddles of the Smith-Worthington Saddlery Co. of Hartford, Connecticut, "Saddle Makers Since Washington was President."

A premium quality saddle is a vital investment in your horsemanship. A quality saddle will last literally a lifetime with care, and can be readjusted for changing conformation or new horses. A custom fitted saddle will provide you with optimal balance, safety and comfort, and will help your horse perform at his best. It's a major purchase and a serious decision, so I encourage you to review the following information and to contact me with any questions at all. Please also review Smith-Worthington's Blog. This is invaluable information and advice straight from the saddlemaker's perspective. 

Yes, if you wish, you can purchase a Smith-Worthington English saddle "off the rack," but the SW custom fitting process will give you the ride of your life, and it's so easy to do. Also, custom fitting is free with purchase of your new SW saddle. 

Let's get started!

- Vicki


Just follow these steps:

Request Your Demo Saddle

Review the saddle descriptions on this website to get an idea of the saddles you would like to try. Give us a call at 877-884-1517 or 970-712-0281 or email to request demo saddles, or to ask any questions at all. If you request a Saddle Fitting Appointment, demo saddles can be brought to you (please see our Mobile Services page), or they can be shipped directly to you. I also recommend that you download Smith-Worthington's Saddle Fitting Guides, Part A and Part B. Use Part A to help determine the type and size of saddle that will fit you best. Important!!... Remember that the saddle must first fit the rider! We will then adjust the saddle to fit the horse!

Ride Your Demo Saddle

You may ride as many demo saddles as you like. Once you have received your demo, you may ride it for one week. Just ride and enjoy… no special protection is required. Decide which saddle best fits you and suits your riding needs. You are then responsible for returning your demo to either the Smith-Worthington Saddlery Co. or Canyon Creek Saddlery (whichever shipped or delivered to you), so please retain any original packaging. 

How Much Do Demo Saddles Cost?

There is no charge for demo saddles, but you will be responsible for shipping cost, which is approximately $60.00 per saddle each way. As a deposit, we will require a valid credit card number, which we will hold until the demo saddle is returned, or charged upon your decision to purchase the saddle. 


Choose Your Saddle

Once you have had your demo rides and chosen your saddle, give us a call at 877-884-1517 or 970-712-0281 or email to order your new saddle. We'll confirm your choice and in-stock status.


Saddle Fitting

It's time to measure your horse for your custom-fitted saddle.

Schedule an Appointment:  If you're in our geographical area, you may schedule a Saddle Fitting Appointment (please see our Customer Service/Saddle Fitting Appointments page) and I'll be happy to come to your place and do this for you. If you arrange for me to deliver your demo saddle(s), I can do the measurements at that time.

Or, Do Your Own Measurements:  If you're not in Western Colorado or just prefer to do your own, you may measure your horse yourself using Smith-Worthington Saddlery's clear and excellent instructions. Please follow this link to Smith-Worthington's Saddle Fitting Services & Guides for detailed information and to download the Saddle Fitting Guides, Part A and B. Again, use Part A to help determine the saddle that best suits the rider. Then, use the step-by-step instructions in Part B to measure and diagram your horse. For a free flexible curve, give us a call at 877-884-1517 or 970-712-0281 or email and we'll mail one out to you. And of course, please contact me with any questions. 


Submit Your Measurements and Order Your Saddle

If I measure your horse, I'll submit your information to Smith-Worthington with your order. If you measure your own, you may send your drawing and information to me at Canyon Creek, or directly to:

Smith-Worthington Saddlery Co.

275 Homestead Ave.

Hartford, CT 06112


Please enclose your drawing, labeled with:

·Your name, address, phone number and email

·Your horse's name, breed, age and height

·Your dealer information (Canyon Creek Saddlery)

You may also send photos or any other descriptive information you think will help. Please contact me at Canyon Creek when you have sent your information to Smith-Worthington, and I'll personally order your saddle.


When Will I Receive My Saddle?

Once the folks at Smith-Worthington receive your order and measurement information, if your saddle is in stock, it only takes them a few days to custom fit your saddle. They will then ship directly to you. 


Special Orders and Design Your Own

Custom features (such as special leathers, etc) are available on standard models, or you may Design Your Own, choosing the seat of a base model and adding flaps, blocks, etc of your choice. Please allow at least 8 weeks for any special or custom orders. Give us a call at 877-884-1517 or 970-712-0281 or email for any questions on Special Orders or to Design Your Own!