About Us

CANYON CREEK IS… a state of mind.

Canyon Creek is a different kind of saddlery. It's our mission to take care of you with genuine Western hospitality. We're a family business, dedicated to providing you with the kind of personal service that's just getting too hard to find. We believe in quality and value, and whether your style is fresh and contemporary, vintage or classic, we'll be searching for just the perfect thing for you. We're adding new items all the time, so please come and explore our eclectic collection of fashions, accessories & jewelry, footwear, home & gift wares, goodies, fun things for the little ones, and of course, superb saddles and tack.

Canyon Creek Saddlery & Dry Goods Company was inspired by my love of horses, and of the Colorado Rocky Mountains where we make our home. As kids, we grew up on a ranch high in the Gunnison Country of Western Colorado. It was a place for family and friends, horses, wildlife, work, play and adventures, where the wind sings in the pines and aspen leaves shimmer like silver coins… a place where crystalline blue skies by day give way to stars you can almost touch at night. It's also a place where we learned to appreciate the history of the American West and the spirit of those who built it. 

That spirit isn't just a legend. It lives on today in the hearts of those who feel the call to blaze their own trail, sing their own song and create their own style.

So please join us while we bring to you the things that express the life we love. We hope you'll find something that expresses yours. Unbridle your spirit and celebrate!

- Vicki Foster