Smith-Worthington Avalon XF Saddle

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Smith-Worthington Avalon XF Saddle A702XF

The Avalon XF is the extra forward model of our famous Avalon. It was designed in cooperation with an Olympic Silver Medal winner and is an extremely well balanced saddle with superb contact. Because of its long flat working center, the rider has more freedom in the seat allowing full use of their lower back and seat. Gusseted long points provide support without bulk. Seat is medium deep, wide and has a medium/narrow twist. Although this saddle was designed by a female Olympian, this saddle is very popular with men.

This saddle has a multi-tasking appeal whether you're hunting across fields, riding hunter/jumper or simply pleasure riding. It is also available in various styles to suit different riders' needs. This extra forward model accommodates long legged riders, allowing their knees to fit the flaps correctly. Regular size and extra forward padded flap models are in stock.  

Note: The Avalon fits 1” larger than it measures. If you normally ride a 17 ½” saddle, try a 16 ½” Avalon. 

Smith-Worthington incorporates over 200 years of saddle making knowledge and some of the world's finest materials in these saddles. Features include: 

  • Steel & wood spring trees with strong overlapping steel head plates allow tree adjustment many times as your horse muscles and matures or if you get a different horse.
  • Gusseted panels with virgin wool flock stuffing allow proper fit to your horse.
  • “Fired” (pre-stretched) pure linen webbing insures that the seat never sags - you sit in a “hammock” of web and never hit the steel bars of the tree.
  • Deeply recessed stirrup bars nearly eliminate stirrup leather bulge under the skirts.
  • Made in England.
  • 20 year tree warranty.
  • Demo Avalon saddles are available - try one today.


  • Sizes: 14 ½”, 15 ½”, 16 1/2”, 17 1/2”, 18 1/2”, 19 1/2”
  • Tree widths: M, W, XW
  • Twist width: narrow/medium
  • Working center: long & well balanced
  • Seat depth: 3”*
  • Seat width: 11”*
  • Flap length: 16”*
  • Standard leather: cowhide seat, pig print cowhide leather skirts & flaps in traditional Havana or Antique color, or Havana English-tanned buffalo leather. 

*Measured on a 17 1/2" saddle. Measurements are proportional for other sizes.

Custom models are available on special order.  

DYO: All of our Smith-Worthington English-made saddles can be custom ordered as DYO (Design Your Own) models. Once you find the seat you like best, we will build it with your choice of flaps (size, shape, amount/location of padding), leg support, billets, stirrup bars, and leathers. For DYO prices, add 20% to the price of the base saddle. Call or email us to ask about DYO!

HINT: Test ride the Avalon XF and Danzig XF saddles to determine which combination of seat width, twist width and working center works for you.

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