Smith-Worthington Invictus Dressage Saddle

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Invictus is Smith-Worthington's newest and finest dressage saddle. Mount up and you are there - centered, with legs flowing effortlessly from seat to skirts to flaps, knee blocks and ultimately to stirrups. 

Dish cantle, medium twist, long working center and extra soft ramp. Bold, super soft, sculpted blocks mold to your legs. Stirrup bars are positioned for perfect standing balance allowing proper use of seat and leg aids. Every feature allows the saddle to work for you.

Just as important are features for equine comfort. Wide gullet for spine clearance. Broad, soft, extended panels distribute your weight over greater area. Generously sized gussets allow the saddle fitter room to customize fit to your horse’s back. Humane billets with point billet and sliding rear billet allow comfortable girth placement while securely "hugging" your horse.

The world’s finest materials and over 200 years of saddle design/construction knowledge are combined to bring you this great saddle. Made in England. Lifetime tree warranty.


·Sizes: 17½", 18½", 19"   

·Seat depth: 3½"

·Tree widths: Wide, X-wide, XXwide    

·Flap length: 16¾"

·Twist width: Medium    

·Seat width: 11"

·Leather: English tanned tactile buffalo leather, glove tanned doeskin seat

·Can be custom-fitted to your horse


*Measured on a 17 1/2" saddle. Measurements are proportional for other sizes.

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