Smith-Worthington Nightwind Dressage Saddle

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Smith-Worthington's Nightwind saddle is designed to fit the baroque breeds and draft crosses that have become so popular (the prototype saddle also fit a quarter horse). The “U” or “hoop” tree can be refitted many times as your horse changes shape with level of fitness. 

Very soft open and roomy seat with a long working center. Softer foam in the ramp leading up to the pommel.  (Even experienced riders occasionally make an “error in landing”.) Tapered thigh block offers support. Adjustable stirrup bars allow riders to place stirrups appropriately for their body type and achieve perfect balance for intermediate and upper level dressage movements.  

Sliding rear billet allows accurate girth placement and prevents cantle rise.  (Can be ordered with traditional billets if desired.) Generous gullet width allows plenty of room for a broad spine. Virgin wool flocked panels will conform to your horse’s back. Made in England. Lifetime tree warranty.


·Sizes: 17 ½”, 18 ½”, 19”

·Seat depth: 3”

·Tree widths: Wide, X-wide, XX-Wide    

·Flap length: 17”

·Twist width: medium wide    

·Seat width: 10”

·Leather: Black, full grain memel tanned cowhide with tactile cowhide seat and flap padding 

·Can be custom-fitted to your horse


*Measured on a 17 1/2" saddle. Measurements are proportional for other sizes.

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