Smith-Worthington Stellar Solaris All Purpose/Dressage Saddle

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Solaris is the newest member of the Stellar saddle family by Smith-Worthington. Designed for adult riders wanting comfort and security for themselves and their horses. For adults doing lower level dressage, flat work and trail riding, this versatile, mid-priced , multi-purpose saddle is an appealing option.

Designed for versatility in fitting a variety of equines and humans, the Solaris has the following features:

· A thin layer of neoprene is sandwiched between grippy glove tanned cowhide and bridle leather on skirts and flaps giving comfort and security. Seat is softly padded and grippy with medium twist.

· Adjustable stirrup bars allow riders to place their stirrups in the optimum position for perfect “ear-hip-heel” balance.

· Designed to hang stirrup leathers between the outer flap and sweat flap for smooth leg contact. (Leathers may be used on top of the flap, if desired)

· Like all Smith-Worthington designed saddles, the Solaris has a steel and wood spring tree that can be modified in our Hartford factory to fit your horse as it muscles and matures. Standard width is "Wide" and initial adjustment to fit your horse, is at no additional cost. You must provide accurate diagrams of horse's back.

· Flock stuffed panels combined with a smooth shock absorbing layer of foam next to the horse can be custom fitted by qualified, independent saddle fitters.

· Wide gullet channel from pommel to cantle allows plenty of room for broad equine spines.

· Quarter cut-back head gives horses more space at the pommel.

· Humane billets help reduce “saddle creep” for some horses whose girth pocket is forward.

· Open grain leather accepts oils and remains soft and supple when properly cared for.

· Available in dark Havana or Black.

Available is sizes 17 ½”, 18 ½”, and 19 ½”. 30 year tree warranty.

*Measured on a 17 1/2" saddle. Measurements are proportional for other sizes.

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