Smith-Worthington Stoneleigh AO/Equitation Saddle

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SW Stoneleigh AO/Equitation Saddle A724

Clearance Saddle! Contact Us to confirm availability of size and tree width.

The Stoneleigh AO/Equitation is similar to the Stoneleigh jumping saddle but with straighter flaps, long point panels and no blocks. Due to model change this saddle is marked down more than 60%. This is a wonderful opportunity for a great price on a beautiful English-made saddle that can be custom-fitted to your horse.

Smith-Worthington incorporates over 200 years of saddle making knowledge and some of the world's finest materials in these saddles. Features include: 

  • Steel & wood spring trees with strong overlapping steel head plates allow tree adjustment many times as your horse muscles and matures or if you get a different horse.
  • Gusseted panels with virgin wool flock stuffing allow proper fit to your horse.
  • “Fired” (pre-stretched) pure linen webbing insures that the seat never sags - you sit in a “hammock” of web and never hit the steel bars of the tree.
  • Deeply recessed stirrup bars nearly eliminate stirrup leather bulge under the skirts.
  • Made in England.


  • Narrow twist
  • Correct balance
  • Padded flaps
  • Wool flocked panels and spring steel tree for a custom fit
  • Cutback pommel has a sleek, low profile and is a great fit for high withered horses. Perfect in the show ring.

Sale prices are limited to current inventory. Call or email for size availability.

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